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Live From Darly's House: Carlos Boozer Stops By LFDH to Jam

Skip to 1:47 of the clip if you're short on time - humor follows.

I had no idea Carlos Boozer could rip up the talk box like that! Love the jam at the end - bringing the heat!

Let's see what Darly's fans have to say about this video...

"I get chills when P-Thugg comes in on the talk box"
NickNapalm 1 year ago

"You are so dang cool!! Amazingly talented and you restore old houses! Wow....so, so , so awesome!!"
Wivanunu 3 months ago

"Where can I buy this DVD?"
MrJas1991 1 month ago


"That's what I love, play the song,throw in the kitchen sink, tasty no long solos and get out..... A masterpiece!!!!! Love it"



BabsTen 2 months ago

"Epic jam. Love it!"
fly049 2 months ago

"I have been watching youtube for a few years off and on and LiveFromDarylsHouse is the BEST thing on this site. Great channel!"
01godkiller 6 months ago

"Kick ass song. Kick ass video."
digitalmkii 7 months ago

BTB's 2 cents

"This is definitely the funniest musical attempt I've seen in a little bit. Keep up the quality lulz"
brianthomasbuckeye 31 minutes ago

The Encore!

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