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BTB Fest FAQ: The FAQ'ing Awesome Edition

What's the theme this year?

"Whatever you do, take care of your booze"

What should I bring?

Tent, water, chicken salad sandwiches, baby wipes, George Gershwin records, liquor-cycles, shirts that say "Just the Tip?", your favorite reggae mix, an Inn-n-Out burger, and a VI pack of some tremendous local/home brew.

What not to bring?

Oxy Pads, Wampon, Molly Ringwald, Hula hoops, Kenney Chesney CD's, Acid reflux medication, malnourished wo0k dogs, Jeggings, Cops, Nitrous Baloney, Honey Brown "Lager", and extra kidneys.

Will camera's be allowed?


Can I camp in my car?

You can camp where you want to...You can leave your friends behind!

Will this event kind of be like Telluride?

Ummmm....not really.

May I make a campfire or use a stove to cook?

There will be a massive bonfire. A toy Tonka truck will be available to move hot coals to a safe locale where you may construct a make-shift grill to toast up your veg burger.

How much does this shindig cost?


I heard there was a beer tasting? Is this BS or what BTB?

There will be a beer tasting around 2-3pm on Saturday June 5th. We will be sampling the beers everyone brings as well as a stockade I have been saving. This will be official shit. Bring a clipboard.

Can we park wherever we want and move our cars once we are in?

You will park where the Oompha Loompahs tell you to park.

How big is each individual camp site?

10 paces by 3,000 millimeters.

Can I set up a Banana Stand?

Based on last years sales, Chicken Salad Stand is probably the way to go.

What's the nugget situation looking like?


If I have "BTB Close Camping" can I still go into the General Admission Camping to visit my friends?


Will single day tickets be available?

No. Crickets keep me up at night.

Will there be a "Family/Quiet" Camping or "Sober" camping area?

Yes. Please refer to the sleeping in your car question above.

Will there be payphones?


Will there be wi-fi?

I'm looking into having a cyber cafe. Wait, no I'm not. Sike!

What is the security going to be like?

Mounted horses shall keep the peace. Volunteer shoveler's needed shitshovelingexpertsneeded@gmail.com

All the time I've spent leading...should I have been following instead?

I'm sorry, I wasn't listening.

Please contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, digressions, quips, remarks, thoughts, feelings, epiphany's, or restaurant recommendations you may have.

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