...where the music is like water rushing through you ... your function is really like that of a hose


Blossom Music Center: Cuyahoga National Park

The Trek 550 rocking my favorite Patagonia Sticker

Toe Path Bike Trail. The old Erie Canal Lock system turned National Scenic Trail.

Blossom Music Center sits on the other side of that hill. Above 700 ft up from the river.

The Lot. Overlooks a vineyard and art gallery across the way. BTB Fest Drop Point?!?!

The sign at the entrance.

This was the 1st nice weekend of spring about a month ago. All of these pics were taken within 2 miles of the venue. The Cuyahoga River (now surprisingly clean)runs through the National Park; Blossom is located on a hill / plateau at the top of the river basin.

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