...where the music is like water rushing through you ... your function is really like that of a hose


Polaris "Death Cloud" 7/14/2000

The famous Polaris "Death Cloud" turned all crunchy tacos soft that fateful day.


Coventry: Face Melting Not So Much

Check out that dorky dude in the Green "nuggets" shirt - cool lobstah necklace broseph


Group Face Meltage: Summer Jam 1973

The Soundcheck Set

July 27, 1973

Set 1

The Promised Land
Mexicali Blues
Bird Song
Big River
Tennessee Jed

Set 2

Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
Me And My Uncle
Jam ->
Wharf Rat
Around And Around

July 28, 1973

Set 1

Beat It On Down The Line
Brown Eyed Women
Mexicali Blues
Box Of Rain
Here Comes Sunshine
Looks Like Rain
Row Jimmy
Jack Straw
Playing In The Band

Set 2

Around And Around
Loose Lucy
Big River
He's Gone ->
Truckin' ->
Nobody's Fault But Mine Jam ->
El Paso
China Cat Sunflower ->
I Know You Rider
Stella Blue
Eyes Of The World
Sugar Magnolia

Sing Me Back Home
Not Fade Away
Mountain Jam
Johnny B. Goode

600,132 people listening to "Me & My Uncle"...wonder if there was any talking amongst the peanut gallery?

10 points to the GD for conducting facemelting in front of 600,000 people

2 points for playing Bird Song


Pink Floyd Reunion: My Face is Gone

So someday we'll catch up on how Pink Floyd changed my life. From a historical stand point, there is no band that sounds like Pink Floyd, and simply, they cannot be replicated. Roger Waters, no doubt a complete prick, is a genius. He deserves the credit for PF's work. That being said, I'm a Gilmour guy. Either way, tonight was great for all PF fans.

How about that Wall melting? Wow!


Face Melting Americana: Osama Bin Laden is Fucking Dead

I might actually drink a Budweiser tonight

The Presidents reaction when they interrupted "Celebrity Apprentice." In all seriousness, you will see this picture again during the 2012 presidential election. It might be the most significant photograph of his presidency.


Live From Darly's House: Carlos Boozer Stops By LFDH to Jam

Skip to 1:47 of the clip if you're short on time - humor follows.

I had no idea Carlos Boozer could rip up the talk box like that! Love the jam at the end - bringing the heat!

Let's see what Darly's fans have to say about this video...

"I get chills when P-Thugg comes in on the talk box"
NickNapalm 1 year ago

"You are so dang cool!! Amazingly talented and you restore old houses! Wow....so, so , so awesome!!"
Wivanunu 3 months ago

"Where can I buy this DVD?"
MrJas1991 1 month ago


"That's what I love, play the song,throw in the kitchen sink, tasty no long solos and get out..... A masterpiece!!!!! Love it"



BabsTen 2 months ago

"Epic jam. Love it!"
fly049 2 months ago

"I have been watching youtube for a few years off and on and LiveFromDarylsHouse is the BEST thing on this site. Great channel!"
01godkiller 6 months ago

"Kick ass song. Kick ass video."
digitalmkii 7 months ago

BTB's 2 cents

"This is definitely the funniest musical attempt I've seen in a little bit. Keep up the quality lulz"
brianthomasbuckeye 31 minutes ago

The Encore!


BTB Fest FAQ: The FAQ'ing Awesome Edition

What's the theme this year?

"Whatever you do, take care of your booze"

What should I bring?

Tent, water, chicken salad sandwiches, baby wipes, George Gershwin records, liquor-cycles, shirts that say "Just the Tip?", your favorite reggae mix, an Inn-n-Out burger, and a VI pack of some tremendous local/home brew.

What not to bring?

Oxy Pads, Wampon, Molly Ringwald, Hula hoops, Kenney Chesney CD's, Acid reflux medication, malnourished wo0k dogs, Jeggings, Cops, Nitrous Baloney, Honey Brown "Lager", and extra kidneys.

Will camera's be allowed?


Can I camp in my car?

You can camp where you want to...You can leave your friends behind!

Will this event kind of be like Telluride?

Ummmm....not really.

May I make a campfire or use a stove to cook?

There will be a massive bonfire. A toy Tonka truck will be available to move hot coals to a safe locale where you may construct a make-shift grill to toast up your veg burger.

How much does this shindig cost?


I heard there was a beer tasting? Is this BS or what BTB?

There will be a beer tasting around 2-3pm on Saturday June 5th. We will be sampling the beers everyone brings as well as a stockade I have been saving. This will be official shit. Bring a clipboard.

Can we park wherever we want and move our cars once we are in?

You will park where the Oompha Loompahs tell you to park.

How big is each individual camp site?

10 paces by 3,000 millimeters.

Can I set up a Banana Stand?

Based on last years sales, Chicken Salad Stand is probably the way to go.

What's the nugget situation looking like?


If I have "BTB Close Camping" can I still go into the General Admission Camping to visit my friends?


Will single day tickets be available?

No. Crickets keep me up at night.

Will there be a "Family/Quiet" Camping or "Sober" camping area?

Yes. Please refer to the sleeping in your car question above.

Will there be payphones?


Will there be wi-fi?

I'm looking into having a cyber cafe. Wait, no I'm not. Sike!

What is the security going to be like?

Mounted horses shall keep the peace. Volunteer shoveler's needed shitshovelingexpertsneeded@gmail.com

All the time I've spent leading...should I have been following instead?

I'm sorry, I wasn't listening.

Please contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, digressions, quips, remarks, thoughts, feelings, epiphany's, or restaurant recommendations you may have.


Taj Mahal: Corrina

Got a rainbow round my shoulder, shine like silver, baby look like klondike gold

They just don't write music like this any more


Face Melting Music Oppression: The History of MANTECA

Listen to Dizzy Gillespie's Manteca

Manteca was co-written by Dizzy Gillespie and Chano Pozo in 1947. It was one of the first examples of world music and Afro-Cuban influences being incorporated into mainstream jazz. The piece referred to racist tensions in America when Dizzy Gillespie is heard singing, "I'll never go back to Georgia" (Wikipedia). Ever since, a cloud of mystery and oppression has plagued the song and all who dare attempt to play it's infectious toe-tapping groove. As such, the tune remains the only Face Melting song with it's own Police Force and is kept far out of reach of today's pop music listening simpleton by sheer police intimidation.

Of course, the most historic image of Manteca oppression is the infamous 1962 picture of Elvis being whipped by a member of the Manteca Police after performing the afro-cuban hit live during the heat of Cuban Missile Crisis.

For these reasons, artists for decades have avoided playing the tune live. Even today, the 'man-teh-cu', is often found hidden by the band with balls big enough to play it in a Tweezer or Stash sandwich to avoid being noticed by authorities. Through the years the song has faced enthusiastic requests from Phanners, yet, the tune has only been played 11 times since 1990.

Check out this scorching version from the University of Central Florida Arena, Orlando, FL 11/14/1995 back in the day when the band apparently had two drummers and before everyone in Central Florida got hooked on meth. Proof

One last thing...

Dizzy Gillepsie practiced the Bahá'í Faith, which was created by this guy:

Tell me he doesn't look like a pretty h3tty fellow who loves him some Manteca jam?

BTB's Egyptian Thought of the Day

This is why we can't have nice things


The State of the Phreunion

Madam Speaker Skelton, Vice President Marshall, fellow Phanners, distinguished Newbs, and fellow Americans:

Approximately 196 sets ago, Jon, Page, Mike and I returned to the stage amid two wars, an economy rocked by a severe recession, a financial system on the verge of collapse, and right on the heels of vocalist Steven Page leaving the Barenaked Ladies. Experts from across the musical spectrum warned that if we did not act, we might face a prolonged hiatus that would be insurmountable to return from ...so we acted -- immediately and aggressively – with a hair-raising Fluffhead opener. For those of you who made it to Hampton, we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts -- those mug shots were priceless. We now find ourselves two years removed, the worst of the whale jams have passed, but the devastation remains.

Today, Phans still run the risk of getting TTE’d. One in ten Phisheads still cannot find work. Liquid Time is still on the bench. Many lot grilled cheese operations have shuttered. Drum circles have declined. In this time of struggle, let us not forget about the suburban white kids in the Pacific Northwest who have been hit especially hard this go around as the touring recovery has left them high and dry - for those who'd already known hiatus in this region, life has become that much harder. Even TAB passed you up. Twice.

This recession has also compounded the burdens that Phishead’s friends and families have been dealing with for over a decade -- the burden of shorter tours and longer travels for less jams; of being unable to save enough to buy a new snowboard or help your brah’s access quality buds during harvest.

So I know the anxieties that are out there right now. They're not new. These struggles are the reason I started doing oxy in the first place. These struggles are what I've witnessed for years in places like Noblesville, Indiana; Bonner Springs, Kansas. I hear about them in the letters I receive and the PT posts that I read each night. The toughest to read are those written by disenfranchised, deep forest Wooks -- asking why they have to fly to Colorado so much or why the dirty south got the Harpua.

For these Phisheads and so many others, jams have not come fast enough for you. Some are frustrated; some are angry. They don't understand why it seems like bad behavior on the lot is rewarded, but hard work at the Pizza Hut isn't; or why Burlington has been unable or unwilling to solve any of our problems. They're tired of the partisanship ‘WSP Sux’ attitude…the shouting and the pettiness. They know we can't afford it. Not now. Not with this many crunchy grooves at stake.

So we face big and difficult challenges. And what the Phans hope -- what they deserve -- is for all of us to work through our differences; to overcome the numbing weight of our endless best-version-ever discussions. For the Phan base has different backgrounds, different stories, different beliefs, the anxieties they face are the same. Their aspirations to achieve IT are shared: a good hookup that pays the bills; a chance to get ahead; most of all, the ability to give their children a better life.

You know what else they share? They share a stubborn resilience in the face of a Friday encore – a tragedy we dare not repeat. After 2009, arguably one of the most difficult years in our history, they remain busy traveling often long distances in rusted out cars, slanging hetty t-shirt merch, chasing the fluff, sharing hotels with their neighbors and even going back to Yonder shows or talking with old Clown Posse friends. One woman wrote to me and said, "We are strong, but hopeful, struggling but encouraged that the epic jams will once again return."

Deep down inside, the spirit of Karissa is with us all. It's because of this spirit -- this great decency and great strength -- that I have never been more hopeful about Phish’s future than I am tonight. And I can assure you we will keep Golden Age in the rotation (Applause). Despite our hardships, our phreunion is strong. We do not give up on Halloween. We do not quit during the last show of the New Years run. We do not allow naked-streaker-dude fear or setlist anxiety to break our spirit. In this new decade, it's time the Phans get a Phish that matches their decency; that embodies their strength, and can remember what key Curtain is played in. (Applause).

And tonight I'd like to mention about how together we can deliver on that promise.

It begins with a rusty, yet enthusiastic, 4 night stint at Hampton on Memorial Day weekend, a warm-up tour through the northeast in early summer, culminating with a police infested festi in Watkins Glenn, NY.

Yes we can.


Ray Anastasio


Happy January: Face Melting Chart of the Month

As you can clearly see:

1) Happiness inequality has narrowed since 1980;

2) The most happy have become less happy; and

3) The least happy have become happier.

Figure shows estimated percentiles in the happiness distribution implied by running a generalized ordered probit regression in which both the mean and variance of happiness are a linear function of year fixed effects.

From this we can derive the following*:

1) Inequality nowhere near what it was in 1928;

2) Likely that inequality nowhere near what it was in late 1800s.

Statistics don't lie unless they're impossible to figure out or have no relevance.



Face Melting Artist of the Month: Lionel Richie

Is it October already?! BTB's Face Melting Music Blog presents a fallaciously awesome appreciation to our favorite R&B singer!

Is John Legend the illegitimate son of Lionel Richie? I don't know, but Sr. Legend listened to a lot of Lionel Richie in his day whether that was a result of sperm or not remains a mystery. Also, you can start every thing this guy says with the phrase "according to Legend" - that's pretty dope so I put a picture of him on my blog broseph.

The Lionel Richie Story according to Wikiipedia-kinda:

Lionel Brockman Richie, or "B-rock", was born June 20, 1949 and is a famous American singer-songwriter and record producer who has sold (solo or as group member) more than 150 billion records.

As a student in Tuskegee, Richie formed a succession of R&B groups in the mid-1960s. In 1968 he became a singer and saxophonist with the Commodores. They signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records in 1968 for one record before moving on to Motown Records initially as a support act to The Jackson 5. Richie soon became the most well known African American in history after Harriet Tubman and before Oprah Winfrey.

By the late 1970s, he had begun to accept songwriting commissions from other artists. He composed "Lady" for Kenny Rogers, which hit #1 in 1980, and produced Rogers's album Share Your Love the following year. Richie and Rogers maintained a strong friendship in later years before their eventual falling out after a drunken Richie punched Kenny Rogers for not sharing the spices in Kenny Rogers secret chicken recipe. Rogers was quoted as saying, "Lionel punches like a girl...what do you expect from a guy named Lionel."

Later in 2004, he also appeared on the British motoring television series Top Gear in the "Star in a Reasonably Priced Car" segment where he was interviewed by host Jeremy Clarkson. During his lap, the Suzuki he was driving lost a wheel due to hard cornering.

In recent years, Richie has become a phenomenon in various Arab states, and has performed in Morocco, Dubai, Qatar and Libya.

As ABC News reports:

Grown Iraqi men get misty-eyed by the mere mention of his name. "I love Lionel Richie," they say. They can sing an entire Lionel Richie song. He has performed in Morocco, Dubai, Qatar and Libya. There is obviously something up there. The more we talked, the more he theorized as to the reasons his music might be so popular here. He thinks it is because of the simple message in his music: Love.[12]

According to Richie, he was told that Iraqi civilians were playing "All Night Long" the night that U.S. tanks invaded Baghdad. Richie was against the war, but says he could see a day when he would come and perform in Baghdad. "I would love to be here for that."[12]

Other than that, not much happened other than his daughter does a lot of yak and has a little dog. A Sampling of Lionel's Work can be seen in the clips below. Let the good times roll!

Once, twice...


I have a reoccurring dream very similar to this...

We all know this is impossible - must be magic!