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Face Melting Head Explosions: Wo0k Blazer Edition

Our Stinky, yet loveable, wo0k blazer friend finally met his match in Limestone, Maine. The IT Festival 'waves' jam done blew off his head.

In loving memory we remember our friend. Who I'm sure still owed most of us some money. Palmer, you get his million year old sea shell, he'd want you to have it. Whole Tour - to you go-ith the malnourished wo0k dog. And to you Sir Willowed, you dark night, the Wo0k Blazer would want you to have his last schwill of wine.

And now a haiku:

Dude, I found a dread,

Attached to a piece of head,

Think that Wo0k is dead?

A remembrance of great wo0k Blazer quotes:

"It's not what planet your from, it's what planet your currently on, brah"

"I'll getcha back man"

"Whose got my headies?"

"Woah, what a crunchy jam"

Thank you Mr. Palmer

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