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Face Melting Politicians: John Ashcroft

Got to hand it to you John, the front row never saw that that kind of performance coming. Who could have foreseen the Attorney General of the United States melting the makeup off church-goers from rocky coast to rocky coast with his own American classic.

Adding to the meltage, was the eagle soaring news coverage which became an instant classic with young and old both sharing in the moment.


Abridged Lyrics:

This eagle's place is in the sky.
She's still got a lot of flying to do.
You can see it in her eye,
Though she's cried a bit
For what we've put her though.

'Only God, no other kings.'
Let the mighty eagle soar.

I can say without a doubt my favorite line is the last. It really ties the room together, no? Amazing he was able to use God, Kings and Eagles in two phrases and make it work that well. Bravo, sir, on a job well done under pressure! Let the Eagle Soar is definitely going to replace God Bless America as my go to smashing-bud-cans patriotic song of choice.

In the FWIW category, my fact finding research on the phrase 'only God, no other kings' turned up this gem from a reverend for the Christian Coalition. Check out Reverend Austin Mile's Blog in which he manages to use the phrases "poop-bombing" and "Chicken Friendly City" - Awesome, rev! I will never make the mistake of challenging a member of the Christian Coalition to a game of Scattergories ever again. Be a fan!

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