...where the music is like water rushing through you ... your function is really like that of a hose


Euclid Tavern

I have to explain this one. A poet friend and I traded off rapid fire spontaneous creative writing responses while downing a few Burning Rivers at the Tavern across from the Cleveland Institute of Art one evening. None of this has been edited except for two choice words I excluded - so there are some mistakes, naturally. Sudhir Kade joined us later on and added some intuition. Essentially, you get 1 or 2 minutes and you have to write a sentence. It can be about anything. She writes poetry, I write prose. It's not hard to decipher who wrote what if you think about it. I think she started, but I had a few multi-sentence runs and so did she. I might end up using some of these at some point, but mostly this was just for fun.

The bricks hold the history and echo the present moment

Self-correction in periods of excess tend to ??????????????

Melt the moment into a memory by being mindful of your own delusions

Chickens could do this, surely so could he

Illuminate the night by embracing the union of a burning river

The Jonathan Club was Los Angeles most prestigious mens club, there was no unnecessary talking aloud.

The black and white borders surrounded the red square that spoke of the silence that leads to violence.

The Chocolate cake couldn’t keep up and so it slid itself into the trash as if to say you’re too good for me

The gaggle cut the ribbon as the dame slipped out of her sweaty flip flops and firmly held her ground.

“A gaggle refers to two ducks or more and I said “narcos” not “nachos" listen up you twit.

The essence of life is water and it has six points.

This period started with a moon that consisted of thirteen phases, but everything natural is cursed.

Jakarta, just a dive bar in a world full of five star hotels.

Vibrations that synchronize with chaos collide with life in its essence but avoid language.

He scowled like a neanderthal who was disappointed in how his ice sculpture turned out.

“The neanderthals art had been preserved , they are either buried in snow or they melted, they were fond of the ice sculpture.”

And that is how you skin a cat.

“Definitely, only next time, tell me before you take your pants off, a suttle warning is all I ask – something as simple as ‘I’m going to take my pants off’ would suffice.”

I am all the days that you choose to ignore, remember my footprints

He had a calendar from 1988, but no toothpaste

The eye watching you is just a faded memory of bad breath before the hurricane struck home

The monkey jumped up into the window from which it had entered, looked both ways, and made off with the banana loot.

Despite being cozy with big business your XXXXXX is bleeding like a virgin killed on her wedding day

Her XXXXX dripped like butter rolling down a hot biscuit.

Look at me with spite in a large hat and I will only see the shadows of the sun that once pierced my eyes.

The floor had two inches of water covering it from wall-to-wall and the dog wondered who overfilled his water bowl.

Mistake my laughter as rolling thunder and you misunderstand the tears that fell with colorful leaves.

She wished someone loved her like a teddy bear with a missing button.

He was one more smooch away from becoming the Bob Barker of old-lady-cheek-action.

Gamble with money, Gamble with love, but don’t gamble with a man and his gun.

He had the whit of Mark Twain and the humbleness of Samuel Clemmons.

I am glad that all your personalities don’t have names.

Powdered wigs are what separate the gay from the extraordinarily gay elite.

The knot is apart of the collective confusion

He tapped his hand on the top of the podium, as if playing just one note on a church organ.

You had a bloody glove in your back pocket when they arrested you, that doesn’t strike me as a “winnable case”

The free and just trial ended the moment you walked into my kitchen looking over your shoulder with a smile covered in every woman's lipstick that you have brushed past

why can’t we just hot air balloon our trash away. Oh, we had it hot air ballooned - Problem solved.

Nothing more, nothing less than every mediocre moment swallowed into a hot air balloon and carried into the next town for a soft landing

He pulled the string like a hot air balloon conductor.

Boredom pounded into her fist as it held her head in a permanent position of attention

Courage was futile at this point, he didn’t need it, either poor the gasoline on yourself or go home.

Fire is the most important element to have on your person when leaving home.

Light up Nevada and crawl back to the bad company that continues to walk towards death valley

He flexed his soft pretzel arms and winked at her like he weighed a million pounds - laughter poured form her mouth, she always fell for the charming dope.

Wrapping his arms around her like a soft pretzel they both filled themselves with the wheat of the land during the full the moon.

Grab that beer and chug like your going to jail in 5 minutes.

Jail is an illusion felt by the insecure

He tied some bedsheets together and got the hell out of there. He’d never been humped by a mental patient before.

In the 1920’s women were sent to the mental institutes for speaking, acting, and being the revolution that was always brewing within the womb of society.

A dumpy meatball plopped on his plate, she didn’t want hers, and thus is the burden of a ball of meat which no one wants.

The meatball=industrial complex that takes creativity and Individualization away from every community that it pollutes

He had juxtaposed and jabberwocky’d enough for one evening, sometime you have to know when to fold’em and so he left the wine bar – prior planning prevents poor performance, he always followed the five p postulate, especially when indulging himself in spirits and jazz.

Never again would circles feel lonely, they had dashes a plenty.

6! = 720


His origami was confusing, but something told her that goose had flair.

Interesting Saturday night, welcome to my world, penguins walk faster when it gets cold outside.


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